A synthesis of Eastern and Western design disciplines, nsha atelier creates approachable high fashion for dynamic young women in an altermodern 21st century.

Drawing inspiration from visionary artists such as Moebius, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Pavel Pepperstein, and their ruminations on the discourse between futurist urban landscapes and the un-dulating chaos of nature’s rhythms, nsha atelier’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection celebrates the complex and contradictory.

Crafted within nsha’s in-house atelier and with the design consultancy of former i-D magazine fashion editor Erika Kurihara in collaboration with local Bangkok creatives and craftspeople – fabrics such as silks, cotton and crepe chiffon are hand-treated and tailored as to be imbued with a symbiosis unique to their surroundings.

Whether it be subtly psychedelic print cocktail dresses, deconstructed cropped jackets or asymmetrical shirtdresses tailored to reveal fleeting glimpses of flesh, each garment takes inspiration from the in-imitable vitality of young South-East Asian women while remaining effortlessly in tune with traditional motifs and manners of construction.